My Minecraft World

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on a relatively new game called Minecraft. It is still in beta but it has very few bugs. It is developed by Mojang AB and it is extremely addicting. I’ve been building a house on the lake recently and I’ve got to say, I has come out very nicely. Here’s a tour of it.

2011 04 22 20 46 45

This is the view from the outside. From this point of view you can not see everything, but you do see some of the main features of the house. On the bottom is the main bridge. It is the only thing connecting the building to the land. It is one of two ways to get in the house, with the other one being the dock. Under the bridge is a hidden room which I will get to later. On the top of the picture you see the lookout tower. The lookout tower looks over the many islands surrounding the building along with the beautiful hills that are inland. To the right you see the tip of the tiny island that is connected to the house. On it, we have the mineshaft, an animal farm, and a wheat farm (in progress). On the left you can see part of the surrounding village but most of it is hidden. As you can see, the house is made entirely from wood and glass.

2011 04 22 20 42 05

This here is the main room. It has a glass floor with mine tracks going down to several islands and the main land along with a room with a portal to hell. At the end of the room to the right you have the entrance to the master bedroom. To the left of that you have a staircase to the second floor. The doors you see to the left and right are the door to the outside and the door to the island, respectively.

Crafting Room

This is the second floor. The room I am standing in is the crafting room. In the middle you see a staircase that leads to the lookout tower. Also their are several chest lining the room. These are for quick access storage. To the far right you see a jukebox that I play my two records on. There are several furnaces and workbenches in this room hence why it is called the crafting room. Straight ahead you see a door that leads to my porch.


What you see is my porch. From it, you get a good view of the village. Also there is another jukebox here for listening to music while watching the sunset. Also, there is benches for comfort and a passage leading to the small porch on the other side of the house for watching the sunrise.

Lookout Tower

The picture here is the lookout tower. You can see the hills by the left side of the frame along with a nice sunset near the right. I included as much glass as possible for a wide viewing angle. I have signs here depicting what each side overlooks.

Master Bedroom

Back to the first floor. This is the master bedroom. Here I have a simple bed in the center with a header made of furnaces, workbenches, and a chest. I also have yet another jukebox for listening to music as I fall asleep. The door to the right leads to the village.


Depicted above is the village. The village consist of four buildings: the dock, the kitchen (in progress), the guest bedroom, and the warehouse. To the far right you can see one of the two bridges leading to the island and part of the island itself.


The dock is pretty simplistic. There are two passages in it, one for coming and one for leaving the dock. In the middle there is a gravity defying chest filled with pre-made boats.

Guest Bedroom

Since the kitchen is empty because it is still being built we will skip straight to the guest bedroom. Here you have a double wide bed with the same header as the one in the master bedroom. Hidden from view to the right we have a chest containing some armor and weapons for the guest’s comfort and pleasure.


The warehouse in my village I think is just amazing. This building contains 39 double chest with 54 slots of storage in each, totaling to 2,106 slots of storage. I don’t think I could use that much space. The first row of chest contain cooked, ready to eat food sorted by type. The kitchen and guest room have direct access to the warehouse, allowing for the kitchen to supply the food and the guest to consume it. Currently, most of the chests are empty.


This picture, as told by the sign, is the island. From here you can see two of the sheep that have spawned in the animal farm. Also the the right you can see the checkerboard style mineshaft where I harvest most of my ores.

Secret Entrance

Remember from before when I mentioned the secret room? Well this is the entrance. Above you can see the main bridge and straight ahead you can see the door to the room.

Secret Room

The room itself is covered with paintings. There are also some chest along the wall with some random junk mixed with some valuable stuff. In the room there are three furnaces and one workbench. To the right you see the bedroom door.

Secret Bedroom

The bedroom is about as simplistic as possible. There’s not much to show here besides the single bed in the middle of the room.

Secret Room Wall

Back to the secret room. This wall hold one of my favorite parts of the room. It is hidden very well. Can you find it? I’ll give you a hint. The button in the bottom left corner has something to do with it.

Secret Door

Can you see it now? I hope so. The hidden door leads to a secret maze of passage ways leading to dead ends and filled rooms alike. Behind the door is classified so I can’t show you past the entrance, but behind this door is rooms filled with everything a person in minecraft would need to survive and thrive. Included are farms for animals, trees, and wheat. Also a mine in somewhere in the maze too so you can get ores and dungeons there. You could survive here and never have to come to the surface. This is where I lived while I was building the house above me.

Well now that you have seen (almost) everything it is time for some random pictures that I took of the house at different angles.

House at Night

This is the house at night.

Back of House

This is the back of the house, again at night.

Back of House Day

And lastly this is the back of the house during the day. I was standing on the island when I took this picture.

Thank you all for reading this far. If you like my house (or not) make sure to comment and share this with your friends. Until next time, goodbye world!


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  1. so i have seen over 50 youtube videos saying how to set up a minecraft server, but they all are with hamchi! I want my server to be just like the peoples on the server list, all they have to type in is the ip or whatever. i dont want to have all this password crap. thanks.

    • Just download the server software from and use as a ip server. no-ip is just like hamchi but they give you a real ip address that you can use from anywhere. Then after that you have to set up domain forwarding by going to your routers home page. After that you are good to go!

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